On my way to Japan

So I can finally say that I have been on a plane!

I am in Houston now and am waiting for my next flight that will take me to  Narita Airport in Japan. I am really thankful that my first flight was a short one. San Antonio to Houston was only an hour flight. It went by so fast once we finally took off. Before I knew it we had arrived in Houston. Honestly I was so scared and really started freaking out the night before my flight. Everyone was telling me it would be ok, but I couldn’t take their word for it. Now that I know what to expect I think I will be ok for the longer flight. If anyone is going to be flying anytime soon, remember to bring some gum, it really does help with the air pressure. The plane felt like an elevator going up super fast, but that was about it.

I am so excited to finally be going to Japan, especially now that I’m  not worried about being on a plane anymore.


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