Status Update

Hi everyone! I’m back home! Sorry I’ve been away for so long, thank you for waiting!

こんにちわ みなさん! うちにかえりました! ご無沙汰です, お待たせしました!

There are many things I would like to mention in this post, but first I would like to apologize for not keeping this site updated during my trip to Japan.

I have been back home for a few weeks now and feel guilty for not keeping my promise. I would like to explain the circumstances. For almost the first week I was unable to use my laptop. I could not charge it because my charger has 3 prongs and Japanese outlets only have room for 2. I had to buy a charger twice because the first one I bought didn’t work with my laptop. My phone also had the service shut off for a while because sprint did not process my payment right. They even wanted me to come in, but I told them I couldn’t because I was traveling. Eventually my mom was able to go in and straighten it all out after about a week. One of the major drawbacks that I had not planned on was having almost all of my pictures deleted. It was almost a week and a half into the trip with only about another few days left before I would return home, when I accidentally deleted all of my pictures, thinking that I was only deleting one video. I was very mad at myself, and bought a new sd card for my camera. When I got home, my friend tried restoring the original pictures from the first sd card for me, but after 3 days and still no luck, I brought the sd card to my sister to see if she would be able to restore them for me. She used this program that she got online for free called ‘Recuva’ and within an hour she restored over 1500 pictures for me. I love my sister =D ! (I will post more info about this later on, in case anyone else is looking to recover old pictures too, because the process was very simple and efficient). So now that I have my pictures back, I would like to share them all with you. I have set up a link under the photos tab titled “Japan Pictures”, however due to the recovery process, they are no longer in order. I am working on organizing them right now and have about 300/2500 done so far. I will be posting them again once I organize them by date. I am also in the process of writing about each day and describing where I went to in the photos. Just as a quick overview, some of the places seen in the photos are: Mt. Fuji, the Golden Pavilion, Nijo Castle,  Himeji Castle, My Host-Family’s home (the Matsumura Family), Zen/Rock Garden, Nara Park (deer park), Senso-Ji Temple, Fushimi-Inari  Taisha Shrine (Fox Shrine), Edo-Tokyo Museum, Mori Tower, and scenery from around both Tokyo and of course Kyoto.


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