Update for September 23, 2016

Hey everybody!

I have finished uploading all the pictures and journal entries for each day of my trip.

Click on the Japan pictures tab at the top to go to the index page where you can check out my time abroad by date, or click on any random day and keep pressing ‘tomorrow’ until you’ve gone through each day.

Note: I have had to delete some of my pictures because wordpress only allows me 3 gigs of data for my images. So I still need to work through it a little bit because Day 2 and Day 17 are the days I spent on the plane, nothing really exciting happened, but I would still like to have something posted, so aside from those 2 days, the photos and journal entries of rest of my trip has been uploaded and is ready to check out.

I have also redone the Language & Culture page.

Now when you click on that page, it will serve more as an index page, kind of like the Japan Pictures page is an index page for each day. So whenever I post new information regarding the language or the culture, it will be accessed by clicking on the link provided on the index page. So far I have 4 pages uploaded.

1. is information regarding Jisho, the online dictionary

2. is information regarding the Japanese Alphabet-Hiragana, and Katakana

3. takes you to a page where I have posted an image showing the correct stroke order to use when writing hiragana and katakana

4. This page breaks down an example sentence in order to explain how Japanese sentences are formed using hiragana, katakana, and kanji.

More to come, so keep checking back on the language & culture page for #5

Click here to be redirected to the language & culture page


Click here to check out how I spent my time abroad



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