Language & Culture

Japan is a fascinating country, with a beautiful language, and intriguing culture. This section is for anyone who is trying to learn the Japanese language. I have included the cultural aspects here also because I believe the language and culture go hand in hand. One can not truly be understood or  appreciated without learning about the other as well. Here, I have compiled a list of websites, and have come up with a few important tips/hints/tricks that should help you improve your language skills.

Below I have posted a few specific topics related to either the language itself or about Japanese Culture.I have also provided a few links to other useful websites. This page will also be continually updated and added to, so keep checking back for new content. You can be automatically updated on when I post new content by following me.

This page serves as an index page. Each new topic will be numbered, by clicking on the title of the topic, you will be redirected to it’s own page.

Whether you are a language expert or are just starting out, I wish you the best of luck with your studies. Japanese, although difficult at first, is a language that I found to be very simple to catch on to, once you get the hang of it. This is because the language follows a very simple sentence structure pattern: subject-object-verb (whereas English follows a subject-verb-object pattern). Once the pattern is understood better, it is just a matter of building vocabulary and conjugation (try just learning 1-5 new vocab words a day/week to start you off ). I really hope this helps you pick up the language easier. I will try my best to explain things without making them confusing by using as much simplicity as I can. Here you can find links to all my posts regarding both the language, and the culture, and how they coincide with each other. I will also put up links to other websites that I found useful and still use today, I still have a lot learn before I can say I am as proficient as I want to be, so lets do our best and learn together!

みんなさん頑張ってください! 日本語を勉強しましょう!


#1:  Jisho, the Online Dictionary

#2:  Hiragana and Katakana: The Japanese Alphabet

#3:  Acknowledge each characters Stroke Order

#4:  Sentence Structure


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